What Kind of Damage Can Rats Do to My Home?

What Kind of Damage Can Rats Do to My Home?

Rats are neither cute nor cuddly. They are nasty pests that can do a lot of damage to your home. You’re probably wondering why your home would become infested with rats but it really comes down to one main point. Rats are great at finding food and they can find food just about anywhere.


If you’ve ever had rats in your house, then you know they can do a lot of damage in a short period of time. If you don’t take steps to take care of them right away, you could end up with thousands of dollars worth of damage that needs to be repaired and possibly need to replace some of your belongings as well. 


In this blog, we will talk about some of the symptoms of a rat problem, what to look for when you suspect you might have a rat problem, and what kind of damage rats can do to your home.

Rats Can Cause Serious Structural Damage

If you’ve ever had rats in your house, then you know they can do a lot of damage in a short period of time. Rats have been known to chew through electrical wires, bite through plastic, displace insulation and even gnaw on wood. If a rat manages to chew through an electrical wire, the result could be catastrophic.


Rats Carry Some Pretty Crazy Diseases

Rats are capable of carrying a lot of diseases, some of which are deadly to humans. These diseases can be carried by their blood, urine, or feces. The diseases they carry can be transferred to humans by direct contact or by eating contaminated food or water. Rats are responsible for spreading the plague, Hantavirus, leptospirosis, rat-bite fever, typhus, and salmonella.


Although there are many more diseases that rats can transmit, these are the most common ones that people need to be aware of. 


Rats Go Straight For Your Food Supplies

Rats go straight for your food supplies. They’re not looking for a snack. They’re looking for a meal. If you’ve ever had rats in your house, you know there’s nothing worse than coming home to a mess. That means they’ll eat your pet food, chew through your trash bags, burrow in your yard and go through your home, even damaging the drywall. 


Keep in mind that rats have an insatiable appetite for food. Rats are also happy to chew through anything that looks like it might be edible. They’re not just looking for the food in your kitchen. They’re looking for the food in your garage. They’re not just looking for the food in your garage. They’re looking for the food in your attic. Rats are not picky eaters. They don’t care where they get their food as long as they get their food.


Rats are known to nibble on just about anything, including wood, insulation, electrical wires, and even concrete. The damage they can do is incredible, and the only way to get rid of them for good is to hire a professional exterminator for your area.


Rats Unattended Can Infest Your Home

Any home can be at risk for a rat infestation, but some areas are more susceptible to this type of problem. If you live in a city or a town, then you’re at a higher risk. 


That’s because rats thrive in urban environments. Their biggest source of food is often right underneath your feet. They feed on scraps of food that are left in the streets, and they can even eat through the walls of your home if you’ve left some food out. 


So, how do rats get into your home? There are a couple of different ways. Rats can burrow under your home, meaning that they can be found in your crawl space or even your basement. They can also find cracks in your foundation and make their way into your home that way. Rats can squeeze through really small holes, so you may not even realize that you have a rat infestation.


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A Final Word About the Kind of Damage Rats Can Do to Your Home

Rats are rodents that can infest your home and cause some serious damage. They can contaminate your food, chew on wires, and even spread disease. Rats have been known to jeopardize human health and bring expensive cleanup costs. They’ve caused enormous damage throughout history, and it’s critical that you do what you can to prevent them from getting into your home. 


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Don’t let the rat problem go unchecked. It’s important to know how to identify a rat infestation and what are the worst things that rats can do to your home and what you need to know. It’s best to get professional help if you notice any rats in your home.


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