Should I Worry About Rats, Mice, and Cockroaches During the Winter?

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During the Winter season, a number of pests go into hibernation to survive the cold weather. Most insects hide by building microhabitats found under the soil or inside the logs of trees. Some bugs remain semi-active but still stay inside their shelter for most of the cold season. And then there are also pests that would rather spend the winter inside the comfort of your home, such as rats, mice, and roaches.

Winter presents several challenges for these pests. Aside from the extreme temperatures, winter also makes it difficult for rats and mice to scavenge food. Restaurants and other food businesses, specifically their food waste, are usually the go-to source of these pests for their meals. However, many people prefer staying indoors during winter because of the cold weather, resulting in less customers for food businesses and less food waste for the pests to eat.

Your home suddenly becomes an attractive option for pests to spend winter in because aside from keeping them warm, your house is also packed with food during the winter months since you already anticipated that you’ll be staying in for most of the season. Cockroaches rank high among the top-reported house pests during winter, too, because they like easy access to food and people typically eat indoors more often during these times.


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If you find yourself facing unwanted guests in your home this Winter season, here are a few things you might need to know about these pests so you can better handle the situation:


Pest Number 1: Rats

Rats enjoy living in moist, dark, and dirty places. If a rat somehow makes its way into your house, check locations that fit those descriptions to locate them and drive them out. The common choices for a rat infestation would be the basement, garage, storage room, or any other dirty yet undisturbed space in the house.

Rats can bring a lot of damage to your property, as they are known to gnaw through plumbing and plastic containers to gain access to water and food respectively. They are also potential carriers of several diseases due to their dirty nature, so it’s best if you can prevent any rats from going inside your house in the first place to avoid any health-related concerns.

Since rats are quite flexible with their bodies, they can fit even through the smallest of openings. Make sure that any gaps or cracks outside your house are properly sealed to prevent these rats from entering, and clean possible areas of moisture (crawl spaces come to mind) so that the rats won’t be attracted to your home.


Pest Number 2: Mice

Many people think mice and rats are interchangeable, but they’re different kinds of animals altogether. Rats are larger, usually dark-haired, and have a thick coat, blunt nose, and short ears. Mice, on the other hand, are considerably smaller, not as hairy, with large ears and a pointed snout. While rats are harder to lay traps for because they are naturally wary of their surroundings, mice are curious little creatures that love investigating new things.

Although mice also like living in the dark, they’re not as dirty as rats. However, they still carry diseases such as Salmonella and tapeworms, so it’s better to get rid of them as soon as possible. They can also be just as destructive as rats because they like to chew through wires, which can lead to an electrical fire.

Like with rats, you can prevent mice from coming into your property by sealing any possible openings with caulk. Mice also likes to hide in clutter, so regularly check your hidden-away items and storage boxes for these uninvited pests.


Pest Number 3: Cockroaches

Cockroaches are also fans of moist, dark places, so make it a habit to clean your house regularly to avoid giving these pests a reason to stay. They like to invade houses in the winter because that’s where food is easiest to find during the season, so disappoint them by hiding all your food in secure containers and cleaning up any crumbs and leftovers before they get a chance at them.

Dispose your garbage on a regular basis to lessen their food options. Remember that cockroaches can contaminate your food and bring allergens that can trigger several health conditions, so do your best to keep the house clean and prevent cockroaches from settling in.


A Final Word on Pests During the Winter

Pests normally depend on food waste from restaurants and other food businesses to survive, but the Winter season (and the current pandemic situation) significantly makes it harder for them to find food. As a result, they seek out human homes because they somehow know that people store food in their houses to eat.

If you believe that your house has rats, mice, or cockroaches lurking somewhere, don’t hesitate to contact a professional extermination service. You can always call Pest Be Gone Pest Management to avail of their eco-friendly integrated pest management and control services at an affordable price. Call them now to get immediate inspection on your property and receive the best solution for your pest-related concerns.

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