Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Hiring a Pest Control Contractor

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Many people rush into calling a pest control contractor when they see rodents or any pest, thinking that all companies are created equal. However, this is a common misconception that may lead to paying too much for an inadequate service. 


Here, we explain the most common mistakes you need to avoid when hiring a pest control company. 


Deciding on price alone  

While there is nothing wrong with being price-conscious, the cost shouldn’t be your only consideration when choosing a pest control contractor. Unfortunately, far too often, sketchy companies resort to price war to attract new clients and give them a substandard service. 


When choosing a contractor, make sure that they have a roster of happy and loyal clients, which proves that they provide excellent service that makes people stay. 


Ignoring the importance of licenses and insurance 

Only choose a pest control company that is insured and bonded. You can conduct a background check by visiting consumer websites or asking the company for documentation. 


It is equally important that the company’s technicians have proper training and certifications.


Many pest control companies are just “come and go” entities (and are only taking advantage of the lucrative business at the expense of their clients), which makes it particularly important to choose one that has a license. 


Not asking about the treatments’ impact on other animals and the environment 

Some treatments pose more risk to the environment and non-target animals such as cats, dogs, and beneficial insects like bees. Others have no or minimal impact on the environment, especially when they are used correctly. For example, Pest Be Gone, one of the leading pest control experts in Rocklin, uses low-impact and low-hazard chemicals to eliminate infestation without causing significant damage to the ecosystem. 


To learn more about their environment-friendly pest control treatments, visit Pest Be Gone


Not paying attention to the “specialties” 

To reiterate, not all pest control companies are created equal, not just in terms of service but also in their specialties. For instance, some find more success in dealing with pantry pests, others in rodents, while others in termites. 


Make sure that you choose a company that deals with the pest infestation that you’re having. 


Not scheduling follow-up treatments

Most pest infestations require repeat treatments to ensure that they won’t return with a vengeance. Some homeowners even need a routine schedule, especially if they live in areas where a particular type of pest is experiencing a population boom. For example, termites thrive in warmer climates, so they are common in California, Texas, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Alabama. 


Additionally, businesses like restaurants and retail food facilities need to set up a routine schedule with a reputable pest control company to make sure that they adhere to food safety requirements. 


Not asking for a quote

Ask for a quote before you even sign up for a pest control service. Also, ask them to explain the scope of their treatments to avoid surprises and unmet expectations. 


In addition, you may want to ask 2-3 companies to provide you quotes to make a comparison. 


Not asking for recommendations 

You can look for recommendations on reputable consumer websites like Yelp, or better yet, ask your friends and relatives who have already worked with a pest control company. 


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